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Sawai Madhopur

Nestled in the eastern zone of the state, Sawai Madhopur is one of the prominent urban sprawls of Rajasthan. It is the gateway to the world famous Ranthambore National Park. Sawai Madhopur is located about 160 kms from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. The region of Sawai Madhopur is surrounded by plain and undulating terrain while the South region forms a vast track of rocky region encompassing the narrow valley of Chambal river.

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Sawai Madhopur is a place for retreat especially for the adventure freaks as well as for the people passionate for historical monuments. For both these categories, Ranthambore National Park and Ranthambore Fort serves the purpose. Being the main attraction of tourists and wildlife photographers from around the world, Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest in India and the most renowned in the Northern part of the country. The park is situated about 11 kms from the main city and covers an area of 392 kms.

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Tigers are the centerpoint of this wildlife sanctuary and can even be spotted easily in the daytime in different moods and moments. Besides tigers, various other animals such as leopard, sambar, nilgai, wild boar, sloth bear, striped hyena, etc. can also be spotted. The national park is a deciduous forest and features about 540 species of flora. It is divided into several areas of interest namely Bakaula, Kachida Valley, Lakarda and Anantpura, Raj Bagh ruins, Padam Lake, Rajbagh Lake, Malik Lake and the Ranthambore Fort. Visitors can choose Safari rides to explore the park.

Ranthambore Fort is another spot in the region that pulls tourist a lot. It is one of the five hill forts declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The formidable fort is a sheer example of valor and glory of the Chauhans. The fort overlooks the entire national park and offers historical and architectural viewpoints. It is characterized by a temple, a mosque, tanks, massive gates and huge walls surrounding the premise.
The moments spend in Ranthambore will be priceless and is worth to be explored once in a lifetime.