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Jaisalmer is an exotic place in the heart of Thar desert. Rajasthan is known to be the land of kings and Jaisalmer lives up to the glory of the state. It is the largest district of Rajasthan and the third largest in India after Kutch and Leh. Jaisalmer is located about 560 kms from the state capital Jaipur and hugs Pakistan in south-west, forming the borderline of 471kms with the neighbouring country. The city of Jaisalmer was founded by a Rajput king named Mahrawal Jaisal Singh, from which it derives the name. Due to the usage of yellow sand, yellow sandstone in the architecture of the city, it is often called as the Golden City of India.

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Tour in Jaisalmer can spellbound any traveller. The place has very intriguing attractions and is always on the itinerary of travellers who love to experience the desert breeze, natural sand dunes and camel safari. One of the prime attractions of this beautiful place is the Jaisalmer Fort. It is not only a fort but a dwelling place for about a quarter of the entire population of Jaisalmer. The architectural marvel stands atop the sandy area of the Thar desert on the Trikuta Hill. The enormous walls made up of yellow sandstone appears yellowish-brown during the day, while gradually fading to honey-gold colour at dusk. Due to its striking location on the hilltop at the southern edge of the city, it is visible from many miles. The fort features Royal Palace, Laxminath Temple, Jain Temples, Merchant Haveli and is guarded by 4 giant gates. Jaisalmer fort was declared as World Heritage Site in the year 2013.

Jaisalmer is also known for its mesmerizing havelis that depicts the royal and luxurious lifestyle of the Rajput rulers. There are three havelis that are worth mentioning. The Salim Singh ki Haveli boast of arched roofs decorated with peacock shaped brackets. Nathmal Ji ki Haveli was built by two architect brothers. It’s a beautiful example of symmetrical construction in which miniature style paintings and mighty tuskers are carved out of yellow sandstone. Patwon ki Haveli on the other hand is the most elaborately built mansion. The five-storey building is unique for its mirror work art and beautiful paintings.

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Further, the Mandir Palace or most commonly known as Badal Mahal is a pagoda like structure with intricately carved out balconies. The building is a sheer example of the craftsmanship of the muslim artisans who moulded it in the form of a Tazia. Another tourist attraction of Jaisalmer is Gadsisar Lake, a rain water lake which was once a reservoir of this place. Surrounded by temples and shrines, it now serves as a major tourist spot. For adventure freaks, the Desert National Park unfolds the best of the Thar Desert’s ecosystem with variety of wildlife, jagged rocks and undulating sand dunes.

For travellers planning Jaisalmer tour Package in the month of January-February, the Desert Festival is icing on the cake. Without experiencing camel safari and exploring the rustic charm of Sam sand dunes, the tour will be incomplete. The tour package doesn’t end up here, there are places to explore like Bada Bagh, Lodrawa Village, Lanela Village and the ruins of Kuldhara Village which shows the living standard of the medieval age and a treat for shutterbugs.
People who want to experience the real ambience of Rajasthani culture, the oldest structures and desert voyage, Jaisalmer should be on their list.